Paper or Screen?


A choice – every writer would have come across in his or her writing career.

Personally I don’t like to choose one over the other, because I use both and think others do the same. If you are new to writing, sometimes you may wonder how do you differentiate between the two.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decide which method to choose from. First have a look at your lifestyle and the time you have for writing. If you are a full time writer or an author, you would probably have a dedicated place to keep yourself still and write. But that’s not the case with everyone.

If your occupation provides you to stay with a computer, then I recommend to use the maximum use of it. When you write as a part-timer, struggling with time is so crucial. Take the maximum use of the time as much as possible.

When you master the art of writing, you will realize that there is a time in the day that you have the most creative ideas. Yes, I know, there are some lucky few who could write anywhere and anytime. I assume they would not be seeking or reading articles about ‘writing’ anymore.

Well, after figuring out the time you have in the day, next consider what sort of resources you could have in those times. If you prefer to write on screen and if you find it difficult to use one when you are free, don’t stop from there.

Use notepads, use more than one.

I love carrying notepads wherever I go, and I don’t know when a new idea pops up in my mind, and I find them handy to put them down, at the same time. Later you could transform them to the original article, and when you do that, you will realize that it gives you a chance to edit it while writing as well. The important fact here is that you write what you thought at the very same time, and use whatever the medium you can put your hands on for it.

10 Apr 2001 --- Happy woman writing --- Image by © Thomas Schweizer/CORBIS

Here is another comparison between using pen and paper Vs Computer.

And for those of you who prefer paper over computer, this article will justify your preferences.

Finally, I recommend to use both. If you are more opted to write on screen, try to find out something you can write on paper, so you would be able to do the writing in a more balanced manner. Treat writing as a part of your life, and give priority for it. The more you write, the more you will explore yourself and understand about your abilities.

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